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How We're Different

Unlike other planrooms we don’t slice and dice our information trying to sell you this service with that service, this plan with these levels. With one subscription you get everything we have. All you have to decide about is whether or not you need our “Basic” service or our “Virtual Planroom” service. This translates to more projects, more plans, and more profit for you. Take a look at our services and get started with a free trial today.

Bidding Opportunities

More bidding opportunities for the money you spend. Your subscription covers leads, actively bidding projects and postbid information throughout our entire region. No other company offers that kind of coverage.


Tools to search and research

Track as many projects as you want, with instant updates. Get the jobs you want by filtering: by job, by time, by contractor, or other means.

Calendars for all your critical information

Find what you need, when you need it, with Pre-bid “Early Birds,” Mandatory Pre-Bid and Bid Opening calendars.

Active Projects Listings

We list a daily average of 200 actively bidding projects. Our news staff works constantly to bring you the projects you need.

Stay up to date

Receive email alerts and see your competition’s activity. Personalize your service and tools to make the most effective use of them.

Virtual Planroom

Need a traditional online service that lets you sort hundreds of bidding opportunities quickly to find those that meet your unique requirements?

  • A Subscription-based service that provides detailed information about bidding opportunities.
  • Information includes project name, location, bid date, owner and design team, and addenda/memo updates.
  • Unlimited, 24×7 access to plans, specs, and addenda.
  • Sophisticated filtering and tracking features.
  • Daily email updates describing project changes.
  • Nightly email notices of new projects that match your search criteria.
  • Order hard copies of bidding documents or print to your own local device.
Basic Planroom

Don’t need access to blueprints and specifications on every project, but you do need to know what’s bidding and when? Insurance companies and bonding agencies commonly use this service.

  • As above, this is a Subscription-based service that provides access to basic bidding information, including project name, location, and bid date.
  • Details about the owner and design team, and a complete bidders list.
  • You can order copies of basic project info online or print the information to your local print device.

Customizable search filters, automatic updates, project tracking, company research, private projects database and much more.


Jobs Map

A quick way to find jobs near you. The Map allows you to see projects in your particular area.

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar displays important alerts information about all jobs bidding. Never miss an important event again.

Bid Calendar

The Bid Calendar allows you to have quick access to all the projects you’re tracking and when the bids are due.

Industry News

We publish more industry news and feature stories than any of our competitors, and much of it is free! Read our daily breaking news features and subscribe to our online newsletter for free.

Personalized Service

Our business depends on the success of our customers.

  • We build relationships. Our members build the Southwest.
  • Free personal tutorials online, over the phone or in your local office.
  • Monthly training webinars and focus groups.
  • A real person answers the phone and always will!

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