Find the bidding opportunities you are interested in quickly and easily with CR VIRTUAL. Whether you need continuous access to bidding information statewide, or details about just one project in your region, we have a service for you.



Need a traditional online service that lets you sort hundreds of bidding opportunities quickly to find those that meet your unique requirements?
  • Subscription-based service that provides detailed information about bidding opportunities statewide and/or by region.
  • Information includes project name, location, bid date, owner and design team, and continuously updated bidders list.
  • Unlimited access to plans, specs, and addenda.
  • Sophisticated filtering and tracking features.
  • Daily Email Updates about project changes.
  • Nightly email notices of projects that match your search criteria.
  • Order hard copy of bidding documents or print to local device.


 Don't need access to blueprints and specifications on every project, but you do need to know what's bidding and when?

  • Subscription-based service that provides access to basic bidding information, including project name, location and bid date.
  • Details about the owner and design team, and a complete bidders list.
  • Order print copies online.
  • Statewide & Regional subscription options.
  • Upgrade on a project-by-project basis for online access to Plans, Specs and Addenda.






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